This is not your usual testimonial page.  You will find some of the wonderful people we have had the pleasure of working for and we consider it rather a "Guest Book" designed to give potential clients a reflection of the style and personality of the way we conduct business. The most telling aspect of our expertise is how many civil engineers use our service how many regional engineering firms sub-contract SepticPro as their septic system design and location expert.  Thank you for visiting.

Suzanne Nadeau
I hired SepticPro to inspect the septic system at my Dad's house this past spring.  They found a crack in the pipe, repaired it, and then went above and beyond and replaced the whole pipe which they did not have to do.  They did a thorough and professional job.  When my brother had an emergency septic problem they responded promptly, diagnosed the problem, and repaired it immediately.  I would highly recommend SepticPro to anyone who is looking for excellent septic work.  SepticPro is a delightful company and they are  Pro's at what they do. SepticPro Thumbs Up Testimonial

Unnamed State Regulator
“I am going to use your plans as my example of what is expected.” 

Gene Reardon
I wanted to thank SepticPro and you, Steve, for the quality and timliness of your work in replacing the septic system at our home in Spofford, May 2013. 
The job was contracted in April.  The engineered plan wa submitted to the town and state within one week with permits obtained shortly thereafter.  SepticPro arranged Digsafe prior to any work on site.  Work began mid-May and your excavation and installation crews performed the work with minimal disturbance to surrounding areas.
We were concerned about how the property would look after the job as a stone wall existed within the new leach field area.  SepticPro dismantled the wall, stone by stone, and rebuilt it once the job was completed.  New top soil was brought in, raked completely and hydro-seeded.  Within three to four weeks after completion, our lawn bears no evidence that a large construction project had been undertaken.
It was a pleasure working with a company as professional as SepticPro.  Your communications were timely and  you personally took the time to help us understand our options, costs and timing of your work.  As a home owner, an engineer, and operations mananger of a large manufacturing facility, I would not hesitate to recommend SepticPro for either residential or commercial work.

Many thanks for a job well done.


Matthew Taylor, Engineer
SepticPro took the time to explain the inspection process to me and my wife as we watched him perform it, making us feel involved in the process. Their thorough inspection concluded that the D-box and tank had failed. We decided to hire them to replace the failing components since they did such a good job on the inspection. SepticPro did a great job, and did so in a timely manner.