Perc Tests and Site Evaluations


A Site Evaluation is often referred to as a Perc Test. Although a perc test is a part of the evaluation. It is only one small part of the process.  

Finding the right piece of property is the most important aspect of building a new home. When purchasing a previously owned home the development has already been sorted out, but if you are looking to purchase a property to build new, you should have a thorough understanding of the property’s potential and limitations before you spend your hard-earned money on a pretty piece of property that may not suit your needs or worse yet, be unbuildable. Let us work with you to find the solution that’s right for you. 

Whether you are selling or buying undeveloped property a Site Evaluation is the right place to start. If the property cannot sustain water or sewer, the property cannot be developed. A Site Evaluation is a written opinion that the property can be developed based on local and state criteria for sewage disposal. If you are selling property, a site evaluation can increase the value of the property because a prospective buyer will pay more for land they know can be developed.  If you are purchasing a parcel of land, do not assume that the land will “perc” somewhere on the site; this is not necessarily the case. Be a smart buyer and know the property will meet your needs before you commit to such an important investment. 

A thorough Site Evaluation is an assessment of your property which includes a site visit, a review of the available property data, and a review of the state and local regulations. During the site visit we will identify test pit locations for a potential septic system by examining a variety of features including, but not limited to: topography, vegetation, slopes, property line demarcations, buildings, wells, roads, and driveways. We verify sufficient area for a well and evaluate possible leachfield areas by studying soil characteristics, and of course, we will perform the perc test which determines the soil’s filtration capability. 

Research of the property includes a review of available topographic mapping, soil mapping, boundary plans, and current property deed information. We review state and local permits relating to water, sewer, drainage, mapped wetlands, earth disturbances, erosion control, and property restrictions. We will record the test pit locations and soil descriptions for future construction plans and/or prepare a letterform report. The Site Evaluation report will tell you whether or not the property is suitable for sewage disposal. The information also determines the size and type of system that can be used. The delivered report is detailed with pertinent local, state, and specific site data, test pit logs, perc test rates, and a if requested, a professional CAD sketch of the property and potential leachfield sites.  

A professionally prepared Site Evaluation Report will help you minimize your risk, while maximizing your property investment.