Lakefront Septic System Solutions

No matter what state you live in, chances are if you are within about 200’ from a water body special permitting may be required. If a system meets the state’s definition of “failure”, and is not immediately addressed, the town or state can, not only condemn the property, but also impose fees and penalties on the homeowner. If it is an existing property, most states will allow you to improve the condition. In extreme cases, where there is no other alternative, the state may permit “holding” tanks, but that would be the last option. States prefer on-site sewage disposal systems and with today’s technological advances in on-site sewage disposal, there are many affordable options.

In most extreme cases, pre-treatment will be required. Pre-treatment is the equivalent of having a mini-wastewater treatment plant, using the same technologies that many municipalities use. Some of these pre-treatment systems utilize air, some use peat moss or other filter media, and some recirculate the effluent to pre-treat wastewater after it is separated by a septic tank but before it is released into the leachfield. Most of these alternatives:Typical Pre-Treatment Aeration System


Reducing the contaminants allow the system greater flexibility because in some cases the state will allow a reduction in setback distances to environmentally sensitive areas and the smaller footprints allows for installation in places that may otherwise be unbuildable. If you live on a lake front and would like to meet on-site to review your options, we would be happy to visit the property.