Septic Construction, Installation, and Repair Services


Whether you are building new or you are replacement or repairing your system or tank, we make every effort to make it easy stress free. The entire process, from engineering and designing, construction through approval is under one umbrella, so we are much more efficient. We take the time to do our research and prepare an accurate proposal so at the end of the job all of your expenses are accounted for with no hidden fees or additional cost.

We will handle all the permits, scheduling and will ensure that if service is disrupted, it will be for the least amount of time possible so you can continuing your daily life.

The job will be done right, period. We will use the right materials, good quality and the right quantities utilizing proper construction techniques. However, if issues are encountered there will be no pointing fingers, no blame games and no hassles - we stand behind our work.SepticPro septic installation and repair

Our rates are extremely competitive (if not the lowest) because we know you'll be back as your system requires maintenance and we want to be there for you long term. SepticPro is fully licensed and insured to design, install, repair, inspect and certify your system. 

These are the septic services that we offer, but are not limited to:


  • Septic Tank Installation or Replacement
  • Septic Tank Patches
  • Effluent Filter Installations
  • Riser and Cover Installations
  • Baffle Repair or Replacement
  • Pump Chamber Installation or Replacement
  • Pump Chamber Patches
  • Float Adjustments
  • Pump Alarm Installations and Repairs
  • Wiring Installations and Adjustments (In Conjunction With Certified Electricians)
  • Force Main Installation and Repairs
  • Install or Replace D-Box
  • Level D-Box
  • Install Equalizers
  • Presby-Enviro-Septic Leachfield
  • Infiltrators (Plastic Chamber) Leachfield
  • Eljen In-Drain Leachfield
  • Norweco Singulair Pre-Treatment Aeration Systems and Leachfields
  • Clean Solution Pre-Treatment Aeration Systems and Leachfields
  • Pre-Treatment Peat Moss Systems and Leachfields
  • Pre-Treatment Recirculation Systems and Leachfields
  • Bottomless Sand Filter Leachfieldd
  • Drip-Dispersal Leachfields
  • Traditional Stone and Pipe Leachfield
  • Dry-Well Leaching Structure
  • Water Conditioning Leaching